Northridge Dental Group

When you’re our dental patient, you’ll always be treated professionally and compassionately, with respect for your individual situation. Dr. Farshid Ariz, Dr. Shahdad Arami, Dr. Mona Entezam, Dr. Sahar Rezvani, Dr. Navid Nobaharestan, Dr. Robert Sharobiem, and Dr. Ali Vaziri provide care that is based on your needs and goals. Rather than dictate a certain treatment path, they’ll offer you care options and help you decide what’s right for you. Supported by our amazing dental team members, our doctors will craft a plan tailored to your situation. We understand that you are as unique as your smile, and you deserve unique care.

Northridge Dental Group Collage

Shahdad Arami, DDS explains Northridge Dental Group’s values and goals