Stains can penetrate your teeth, from a number of different sources, including dark food and drink, tobacco use or even simply the natural processes of aging. Stains on your teeth can sometimes be embarrassing and leave you feeling self-conscious about your smile. This drives many people to want to explore their whitening options.

Choosing the right whitening product or procedure to whiten your smile, can have several different factors involved. So it’s a good idea to talk to Dr. Shahdad Arami before beginning a new whitening regimen.

Many people like to use whitening strips to brighten minor surface stains on the teeth in their smile. You can apply the strips to your teeth and they will whiten as you go about your day. Whitening strips are essentially a clear plastic sheet that has been treated with a topical form of hydrogen peroxide. While the whitening strips are in your mouth you should abstain from drinking, eating and using tobacco.

The topical hydrogen peroxide whitening agent on whitening strips is only strong enough to whiten minor surface stains on tooth enamel. Teeth with moderate to deep stains, will require stronger measures. Dr. Shahdad Arami can administer a dental bleaching procedure that can whiten deeper stains safely and effectively.

If you would like to explore your whitening options, please call Dr. Shahdad Arami at 818-886-6100 to schedule an appointment.