Are you ever woken up because your significant other snores? Have you ever been woken up by your own snoring? Did you know that snoring could actually indicate a more serious issue? Luckily, our team may be able to help you cope with snoring.

One problem that might cause your snoring is sleep apnea, which you might not recognize because you’re asleep. However, sleep apnea typically involves your airway being obstructed by muscles in your mouth¸ which can include your tongue. If you’re dealing with sleep apnea, you might stop breathing for a few seconds several times every night. Sadly, there are symptoms you can watch for, which could help you recognize sleep apnea. For instance, you’ll probably wake up tired, have daytime fatigue, and suffer from high blood pressure, moodiness, and trouble focusing.

If your doctor identifies the signs of sleep apnea, they should be able to help—but would you be surprised to learn that dentists can often recognize this problem first? If we recognize sleep apnea first, we can recommend several treatment options. A common treatment we recommend is an oral sleep appliance, which will hold your airway open while you sleep. This will help you prevent the negative effects caused by sleep apnea,

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