TMJ disorder, or TMD, can include many painful symptoms that range from a dull jaw muscle ache to stiffness in the jaw and pain when you bite down. Symptoms of TMD have the ability to significantly and negatively impact your life.

It’s important to speak with a dental care professional right away if you struggle with functional issues in the jaw so that he can help you determine the cause of your TMD and implement some lifestyle changes to relieve your painful symptoms.

Treating TMD could be as simple as introducing softer foods into your diet, applying ice packs, or practicing daily jaw exercises to stretch the muscles. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications may also increase comfort.

Additionally, our dentist may recommend a custom-made night guard to wear during sleep if you suffer from chronic tooth grinding and it has resulted in temporomandibular issues.

If your case is severe and can’t be improved with these treatments, advanced services may be needed, which may include receiving a prescription for muscle relaxers or anti-inflammatory medication.

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